The Only Me

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Stella and Paige are 7-year-old fraternal twins who don’t look alike and have very different personalities and interests. Yet even so, people constantly compare them or comment about how strange it is that they’re not more similar. This has Stella feeling frustrated. They may be twins, but that doesn’t make them the same person!

LitPick Review

A 5-star review from LitPick “When people think of twins, they often think of people who look and act alike. Some see twins as exactly the same person, but everyone is unique, no matter if they’re a twin or not. In this meaningful picture book, The Only Me, by Marissa Bader, we are introduced to […]

The Only Me on Fox 9 Good Day

I am so grateful to FOX 9 Good Day for having me on their show this morning to chat about The Only Me. I’m having such a wonderful time sharing the message that it’s so important to treat our children — and everyone! — as their own, unique people. We are all individuals with our […]

The Only Me – Now Available!

I’m thrilled to share that my children’s book, The Only Me, is now available for purchase via Amazon! This has truly been my passion project over the last year, and I’m so eager to share this story about a little girl, who happens to be a fraternal twin, yearning to be seen as her her […]

Cover for The Only Me Complete

Here it is… the completed cover of my new children’s book, The Only Me, available for purchase on August 25th via Amazon and a host of other online retailers. I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share this book cover with you. Next up… the book! Stay tuned!

Cover Reveal – Piece by Piece

This has been a super fun week as I’m revealing my book cover (illustrated by the amazingly talented Arlene Soto of Intricate Designs) piece by piece… like a puzzle! If you aren’t already, I hope you’ll follow along as I uncover the cover (HA!) at my author Instagram page, @marissabaderwriter. From the initial book idea, […]

Cover Reveal Fun

I’m full of excitement today because I have just seen the completed cover for my upcoming children’s book The Only Me, and it’s ahhh-mazing! Honestly, it gave me chills and brought me to tears. My illustrator and book designer, Arlene Soto of Intricate Designs, is incredibly talented. She got my vision from day one (in […]

The Only Me — Behind the Curtain

For the first time in my life I went ahead and did a thing that was not perfectly planned or meticulously thought out… one day I opened up my laptop and began writing a children’s book. Okay, let me backtrack here just a little bit. I guess I can’t say in all truthfulness that it […]

Fighting Parenting Anxiety and Learning to Back Off and Observe

When I was younger, I always wanted a twin sister. I didn’t actually realize this was an impossibility until I was maybe 7 or 8. And even then, this realization didn’t stop me from desiring it so, so badly. I was always a nervous, anxious kid. I didn’t have anxiety in the way that it […]

One Year

March 10, 2016 Tonight is a bittersweet one. I sit here with tears in my eyes, on the eve of my fraternal twins’ first birthday, unable to believe that we have made it through this challenging, exhausting, beautiful, amazing year. One year ago tonight, I was terrified. Excited, yes, but also tremendously terrified. I had […]