Seeking Light in the Dark

I always assumed depression was a condition one endured, then moved on from. With time, perhaps medicine, therapy, a good support network, I figured it was somewhat linear: you suffer, then recover. And if the condition is chronic, perhaps the suffering will re-emerge at another point in life, but the trajectory will be the same. […]

This Ship Won’t Sink

After my last pregnancy, our family suffered. I have been open about sharing my struggles with Postpartum Anxiety and Depression. There were several factors that I believe contributed to the decline my emotional, physical and mental health, but two of the biggest were my tight-fisted clench on control (and the panic I had – and […]

Family of 5

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I’ve been meaning to update here for so, so long, but I’ve been just slightly busy birthing, recovering from c-section, and now taking care of my twins (and preschooler)! The girls are now 10.5 weeks old, and over the last few months I’ve learned so much about […]