The Only Me – Now Available!

I’m thrilled to share that my children’s book, The Only Me, is now available for purchase via Amazon! This has truly been my passion project over the last year, and I’m so eager to share this story about a little girl, who happens to be a fraternal twin, yearning to be seen as her her […]

Cover Reveal Fun

I’m full of excitement today because I have just seen the completed cover for my upcoming children’s book The Only Me, and it’s ahhh-mazing! Honestly, it gave me chills and brought me to tears. My illustrator and book designer, Arlene Soto of Intricate Designs, is incredibly talented. She got my vision from day one (in […]

The Twin Parenting Advice I Couldn’t Follow

When my twins, now 11 months, first arrived, I was hell-bent on keeping them on the same schedule. After all, that was the sage advice everyone with multiples gave me: one up, both up; one down, both down. And so I tried. Believe me when I tell you how very hard I tried. I wanted […]

Seeking Light in the Dark

I always assumed depression was a condition one endured, then moved on from. With time, perhaps medicine, therapy, a good support network, I figured it was somewhat linear: you suffer, then recover. And if the condition is chronic, perhaps the suffering will re-emerge at another point in life, but the trajectory will be the same. […]

This Ship Won’t Sink

After my last pregnancy, our family suffered. I have been open about sharing my struggles with Postpartum Anxiety and Depression. There were several factors that I believe contributed to the decline my emotional, physical and mental health, but two of the biggest were my tight-fisted clench on control (and the panic I had – and […]

Family of 5

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I’ve been meaning to update here for so, so long, but I’ve been just slightly busy birthing, recovering from c-section, and now taking care of my twins (and preschooler)! The girls are now 10.5 weeks old, and over the last few months I’ve learned so much about […]