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Reading The Only Me to your students is just the start. I have some discussion ideas and lesson plans based on the book ready to download!

Free Printable

Kids will have the chance to “spot the sunflower” on each page of The Only Me. To prepare, print out and have them color in these sweet sunflower coloring sheets! Enjoy!


Are you a parent of young twins or multiples (I am too!)? The Only Me is all about a set of twin siblings learning that it’s okay to be their own, unique people. For additional resources on everything related to having and raising twins, be sure to check out my Lucie’s List Twins page.

And for all you parents of singletons, rest assured, The Only Me isn’t just about twin relationships; it’s about helping children learn to honor, accept and celebrate their differences in all kinds of sibling (and other) relationships (you can read my article about about the importance of raising kids to be individuals here).