Author Marissa Bader

Creating Sentences that Sparkle and  Flow Sparkle and  Flow

Welcome! I am so happy you’re here. My name is Marissa Bader, and I’m a children’s book author (get my new book, The Only Me, here, here or here!) and Minneapolis-based writer specializing in topics pertaining to parenthood and mental health.

I currently serve as the Twins Editor and mental health writer at Lucie’s List (a survival guide for expectant and new parents), and my writing has also appeared in a variety of publications, including Psychology Today, HuffPost Parents and, to name a few. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy.

When I’m not working, you can likely find me in my hometown of Minneapolis, dancing, savoring nature, enjoying happy hour with friends, or playing dress-up and grooving to KidzBop beats with my three amazing daughters and husband.

The Shared Journey — Why I Write
Writing–and connecting with others through the written word–is truly my life-force; it is how I attribute meaning to and make sense of the world. We all have a narrative, and I am passionate about sharing mine in an effort to bridge the gaps between people, expose our similarities, and increase acceptance of one another. I call this “the shared journey.”

This notion of “the shared journey” has always been the inspiration behind the topics I choose to write about, both personally (blog) and professionally. Through my words, I aim to illustrate that despite any differences we may have, we’re all in this life together.

I would be ever so grateful if you would join me on this collaborative adventure by reading my work and sharing any of your own thoughts and stories with me. Ready? Let’s go!

~ Marissa