The Only Me - Children's Book

Cover Reveal – Piece by Piece

This has been a super fun week as I’m revealing my book cover (illustrated by the amazingly talented Arlene Soto of Intricate Designs) piece by piece… like a puzzle! If you aren’t already, I hope you’ll follow along as I uncover the cover (HA!) at my author Instagram page, @marissabaderwriter.

From the initial book idea, inspired by my own set of twins and this article I wrote for Lucie’s List on the importance of treating your children uniquely, the entire book writing, illustration, promotion and publishing process has been so much fun and an incredible learning experience. I truly had NO idea what all went into bringing a new book into this world, and I’m so grateful to my editors, illustrator and all those much more experienced than me, for guiding me along this journey and offering me tons of helpful and actionable advice.

The Only Me will be available for purchase on Amazon and a host of other online retailers by August 25th (woohoo!). If you are on IG, follow along there for some fun updates and teasers along the way.

Here’s a snippet of the cover reveal we’re doing on Instagram this week!

Revealing the Cover of The Only Me, my upcoming children’s book debuting August 25th, piece by piece!

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