True Measure of Strength

The current administration has sent the message to Americans that wearing a mask is a sign of weakness. This boggles my mind completely! Is wearing a condom a sign of weakness? No — it protects both parties from an unwanted pregnancy and lowers the risk of transmitting certain STDs. No one likes wearing a condom, but we do it to be safe and to protect ourselves and others.

We wear masks because we respect the health and safety of others and ourselves. We care about our neighbors and those who are more susceptible to becoming dangerously ill if they contract Covid.

Yet, there are some that argue that by mandating masks, their freedom and rights are being infringed upon. They call this virus a “hoax” and solely blame increased testing for the higher positivity rates. They dispute science at every opportunity and publicly shame those who choose to heed the sound advice from public health officials to “mask up” and stay a safe distance from each other to curb the spread.

Why? Why can’t our country ban together to fight the common enemy: this fast-spreading virus that is causing mass suffering and death? Yes, it’s hard to socially distance and wear a mask (I guess… my three small kids have no problem wearing one all day…). But we are capable of doing hard things. And isn’t that the real mark of strength and resilience? Not that we can flex our muscles and fight against science and ultimately disrespect others, but rather that we can buck up, put on our damn masks, and keep a safe distance from people to protect everyone (ourselves included!)?

That’s the true mark of strength: doing what’s right, even when it’s challenging, and uncomfortable.

Yes — there are certainly major issues that we need to address and work hard to fix: our economy, the support of small businesses, our collective mental health and wellbeing, etc.

But, if we could ban together — have an administration that doesn’t ridicule those who try to be safe, leads by example and doesn’t promote going mask-less and gathering in close proximity with large crowds of people; an administration that doesn’t play down the virus’s sometimes deadly effects — perhaps we would be farther along in getting it under control, and thus, able to figure out ways to safely reopen more of the economy and infuse the country with a sense of (honest) hope.

I miss my family and friends. I want all kids back in school, where they belong. I want our economy back up and running. And I cry every time one of the small businesses I love has to shut its doors. Plainly stated, this entire situation sucks.

But guys — we can do hard things... and doing hard things is exactly what makes us STRONG. So please, for the sake of our country, the entire world, our children, our family and friends, and all those who are at high-risk, let’s do what’s right. Let’s put on our masks, stay a safe distance away, and do our part to bring this global health pandemic to a close once and for all.   

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