This is 38

38 is a nice round number. I feel old(er), but…I like it.

With 38 comes more confidence in myself — or maybe it’s not as much confidence, as it is a feeling of “this is me, I accept me, and if you don’t…that’s okay.”

With 38 comes the hope of actively participating in my life, as opposed to simply sitting in the passenger seat, along for the ride.

With 38 comes newfound joy. The heavy veil of postpartum depression and anxiety has lifted, and now I want to make up for lost time — enjoy the precious moments rather than run from them.

With 38 comes a newfound passion for creating a more well-rounded life; a life filled with family, friends, love, writing, work, and more.

With 38 comes an overwhelming sense of peace and security; I am in the right place at the right time (or rather, the place I am supposed to be in).

With 38 comes a great sense of satisfaction in my marriage — a deep sense of gratitude and respect for the man I love and the life we lead together.

With 38 there is less anticipation for what’s ahead, and more contentment for what is right now.

This is 38.

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