Life Off the Cuff

I am and always have been a methodological and meticulous planner who prepares for and plots out every single second of her life. Timelines are my jam; to-do lists, my obsession. Historically, when things haven’t gone the way I envisioned them, a little (and by little I mean A LOT of) panic and anxiety ensues. But that’s just the thing about life: it’s unexpected. As much as I’ve always tried, I simply don’t have the magic ability to predict and plan for every one of my life’s experiences. While I’ve been trying to come to terms with this obvious fact for a solid 36 years now, it wasn’t until I was blessed with a twin pregnancy that this notion really, finally resonated.

Twins were not in the game plan. Another child, yes. But TWINS? Um, not so much. But here we are, in this new, crazy, chaotic, beautiful wild life, and I — the Madam of Planning herself — is just learning to “go with it”. Really, I am. It’s no easy feat, that’s for certain. But it’s all I can do. Some days are easier than others, and these “play it by ear” and “go with the flow” concepts I’ve always heard so much about are not so natural for me to implement. But the point is, I’m trying. Hard. For my own happiness and health, and the happiness, health and sanity of my family. I’ve even given up maintaining my beloved paper calendar! Anyone who knows me knows that this is THE BIGGEST deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never be able to live in chaos. and I’m always going to care about organization: from a clean home to a flexibly scheduled day (with three kids, it would be impossible not to!). But, what I am doing is embracing the uncertainty and spontaneity that inevitably comes with living life. So this here is it. Welcome to the adventures of a first-timer embracing Life off the Cuff.

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